Life at ATS

Customer Testimonails

When I joined ATS, I joined a family that has always stood by me. They understand that I play multiple roles and they support me while I play those roles. The foundation of our corporate culture is built on strong values of trust & integrity and respect for one another. ATS offers an inspiring workplace with a high performance culture to attract, develop and retain the best talent. The welcoming and open environment at ATS has helped me achieve a lot, and I look forward to many more milestones in future.

Customer Testimonails

It's been an amazing experience working in ATS, as it provides a wonderfully happy and family like environment in office. Everyone works here with a common goal of timely completion of projects with best of construction materials and unmatched quality. No wonder, people with an ATS home feel proud of their possession.

Customer Testimonails

It has been an exhilarating experience to work as part of an amazing ATS team that sets the bar high and keeps raising the bar, inspiring one another to reach new highs. ATS is a brand that not only promises customers excellence but also provides the best experience possible to its employees. A brilliant group of colleagues with incredible talent and skillset. I can say (Design + Thought Leadership) x People = ATS. As an architect, I learned a lot about team spirit and personally it gives me a great platform to learn and grow in all aspects of my life. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of the ATS family.

Customer Testimonails

The ATS family has welcomed me into its evolving network with immense joy, enthusiasm and support. A truly customer-focused organization, ATS continuously strives for growth and achievement in its daily functioning. I am proud to be a part of an organization that has the best customer service rating. This makes our family one of the most professional and respected real estate developers around the world. Being here in this big family, my approach towards challenging situations has become a lot more positive. This family has given me the opportunity to continuously enhance my management skills. I am honoured to be at ATS, a space that contributes to the fulfilment of customer needs with its professionalism and a family that strengthens employee transformation with openness, dignity and commitment. I feel truly grateful to be a part of this ‘One Big Family- ATS.

Customer Testimonails

I have been really fortunate to be associated with ATS since 2014. It is a privilege and “blessing” to be working under the able leadership of our CMD, who is not only a boss but a true mentor, ever willing to extend guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modelling.

The work environment here is extremely stimulating. The management team mentors and motivates every employee and ensures that their full potential is realized. My scepticism of working for a real estate firm vanished after joining ATS. We are perhaps the only player in the fraternity who enjoy customer confidence and satisfaction for transparency, compliance and timely deliveries. ATS has given me the opportunity to fine-tune my technical prowess, artful articulation, out of the box thinking and elevated my confidence for taking on higher challenges.

ATS serves as a platform where pressure transforms into productivity and skills into strengths. ATS is a place where one can work passionately and dare to dream big. To me, ATS is like an extended family and every colleague who is a member shares a sort of solidarity and bond that is unique in itself.

Customer Testimonails

I joined ATS in June 2010 as an Executive – Sales. I was a fresher with only one year of experience at the time when I joined. Even at that time, ATS was a recognized brand in the market, and I was overwhelmed when I got appointed here. As a woman, it’s very important that wherever I work, I get respect, security, stability, and a professional working environment. Fortunately, I got all these things at ATS from the day I joined the company. I got opportunities to achieve my full potential towards the success of the company as well as towards my personal growth. The best part here is that you perform and you get rewarded for your efforts. If you are a high performer then nobody can stop your growth and I have personally experienced it here. I have got very supportive and motivating boss and management who always encourage freedom of expression and a great team to work with because of which in my 7 years’ tenure I never thought of going anywhere else, even on higher packages.