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(For Self Employed)

  1. Last 3 Year Income Tax return along with Profit & loss a/c , computation of income, and balance sheet certified by C.A of Individual & Company
  2. Audit report for last 3 years( If applicable)
  3. Last 6 month Bank Statement (Saving & Current a/c) (Till Date) in Original of Individual & Company
  4. Advance tax challans copy( Sale Tax, Income tax, VAT)
  5. Company profile on Company letterhead with client list( If applicable)
  6. Residence Proof & Office Address proof (electricity bill, phone bill, letter from employer, original bank statement, passport copy).
  7. Age /DOB Proof, Photo ID Proof (Passport, , Pan Card etc).
  8. One Photograph each of Applicant & Co-applicant (passport size).
  9. Processing fee cheque of Rs (0.5% + service tax) in favour of HDFC Ltd from your salary account
  10. Loan details if any loan running at present of Individual & Company (sanction letter copy or track record ).
  11. Copy Of Qualification Certificate
  12. MOA of the company( In case of Pvt. Ltd company)
  13. Shareholding Pattern on company letterhead.( In case of Pvt. Ltd company)
  14. List of director attested by C.A
  15. Form 26AS for AY 15-16, 16-17, 17-18 of Individual & Company

NOTE : All documents should be self attested.

(Self Employed Professional)

  1. Last 3 Years ITR + Computation of Income + Balance Sheet + P&L Account + Schedules, duly certified by CA, of the Company.
    • Provisional Balance Sheet & P&L Account with advance tax challan or 26AS or Form-16A for the Latest Year if not filed.
    • Audit report of last 3 year (If audited).
  2. Bank Statement for latest 6 months of all Current Accounts of Company & of all Savings Account of Individual.
  3. Company Profile with Major Client List on Company’s Letterhead.
  4. Details of all the obligations running
  5. In case of any loan Emi going from any of your other bank, then copy of bank statement for latest 12 month. Along with a sanction letter (of that loan) or latest track record.
  6. Date of Birth Proof of all the applicants (PAN CARD).
  7. Current Residence of all applicant & Office address proof.
  8. One Photograph of all the applicants.
  9. Admn. Fees cheque from saving a/c: (0.5% of the Loan Amount+Rs 500/) of Service tax or Rs11970/ whichever is lower in favour of HDFC Ltd.
  10. 10. Application form duly filled and signed by all the applicants.
  11. Last Higher qualification certificate copy.
  12. Legal fee in case of resale property of Rs 4000/ at the time of transaction.

NOTE : Self attest all the documents & Photograph on the front side.

(Document Checklist For NRI Loans)

  1. Dully filled & signed application NRI loan application form.
  2. One passport size photograph to be affixed on the application form & to be self attested by applicant &/ co-applicant.
  3. Copy of identify proof of both applicant &/ co-applicant. (Passport, pan card, driving license).
  4. Copy of residence proof of both Indian and overseas address of applicant&/coapplicant. (Utility bill- electricity/telephone bill, lease agreement, passport, bank statement, letter from employer).
  5. Copy of visa stamped on the passport. ( last visit details to be highlighted)*
  6. Copy of employment contract.
  7. Website address of the employer and contact details of HR Manager
  8. Copy of last 3 months salary slip/ original salary certificate.
  9. Bank statement of the overseas bank account for the last 6 months. (salary credits & rent paid to be highlighted)
  10. Bank Statement of the NRE/NRO account for the last 6 months.( in India)
  11. Profile of the applicant&/coapplicant and qualification proofs
  12. Past occupational history (in case of less than 2 years of work experience or recent change in employment)
  13. Copy of Latest Income tax return (Form W 2 in US, P60 in UK)
  14. Details of any other loan availed from any other bank/financial institution in India or overseas.(to be mentioned on the application form)
  15. Bank statement showing repayment of the loans availed from any other bank/ financial institution for the last 6 months / repayment track record from the bank/ financial institution the loan has been availed from.
  16. Credit Bureau Report (incase facility not available in the country applicant&/ coapplicant are based at than declaration to be collected mentioning details of any other loans availed)
  17. Processing fee cheque in favour of “HDFC LTD” from NRE/NRO account.
  18. Power of attorney details or local contact person’s details to be updated on the application form
  19. Incase property is selected, copy of property documents are also required. (please provide details such as complete property address, owners & payment made to the builder from own sources )

* Incase customer is permanent resident of the overseas country then permanent resident card will be required.


  • All the documents to be self attested.
  • If the documents are in language other than English an English translation of the same attested by the embassy should be provided.
  • Incase applicant/& coapplicant is not present in India at the disbursement of the loan and POA has been identified then KYC documents of the applicant &/ coapplicant to be attested by the notary public or Indian Embassy. Or customer can provide banker’s certificate from his bank on their letter head mentioning that applicant &/ coapplicant are KYC complied with the bank.

(For Processing Loan Application)

Most Important: All documents are to be self attested.

  1. Date of birth proof of all applicants.
  2. Aaddhar Card of all applicants.
  3. ID proof of all applicants. (Pan Card)
  4. Residence proof of all applicants.
  5. Photograph of all applicants duly self attested on the front side.
  6. Latest 3 months salary slip in original or fly attested by HR/Accounts deptt.(If there is variation in gross salary too then 6 months salary slips) & CTC (if required).
  7. Latest six month bank statement (Till Date) in which salary is credited (original).
  8. Latest Form 16 along with ITR (Assesment year 2016-2017 & 2017-18).
  9. Copy of Appointment Letter/Contract Letter in case of job chnaged within one year along with previous employer’s Form 16.
  10. In case of any loan EMI going from your any of your other bank, then copy of bank statement for latest six month along with a sanction letter (of that loan) or latest track record.
  11. Latest Qualification Certificate (Higher professional Certificate).
  12. Marriage certificate copy in case of wife as applicant (If title change).
  13. Ration card copy in case of Parent or Sibling as applicant.
  14. Copy of Property Papers (In case of direct allotment - Payment Receipt, Allotment letter or Booking booklet will do).
    • Porcessing Fee for Rs. 11800/- in favour of “HDFC Limited” loan amount less then 20 lacs processing fee is ( .5% + GST 18% on loan amount).
    • Legal Fee of Rs. 3500/- in case of registered sale and Rs. 2500/- in case of unregistered sale from Secondary market purchase.
    • Possession Letter of Property.
    • An estimate of proposed work from an Architect.

NOTE :If your ITR of bank account reflects your another bank account then a copy of its statement for latest six month.