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Why More Than 2 Apartments Per Floor Is Too Many? By: WireDus, September 1, 2023

For a long time, the most common configuration in Indian residential buildings has been 3 or more apartments per floor. However, in recent years, some developers have started constructing buildings with only 2 apartments per floor. This is because having too many apartments crammed into a single floor may adversely impact the quality of life for residents.

Choosing to have 2 apartments or less on the same floor offers numerous benefits that enhance privacy, luxury, and overall well-being for the residents. This approach aligns with the changing mindset of homebuyers who prioritize a high quality of life and sustainable living.

But what exactly are the advantages of low-density apartments with 2 or fewer units per floor? Let’s delve into them:

More Space and Privacy

With only 2 apartments on each floor, each home gets significantly more area and a sense of spaciousness. The hallways and common areas are also more spread out. This layout ensures greater privacy as there are fewer neighbors sharing the same floor.

Abundance of Natural Light and Ventilation

Since only 2 homes share a floor, each apartment benefits from more windows and external walls. This allows for excellent cross ventilation and ample natural sunlight in the living areas. The reduced density of homes per floor improves airflow throughout each apartment.Since only 2 homes share a floor, each apartment ends up with much more windows and external walls.

This allows for excellent cross ventilation and plenty of natural sunlight entering living areas. The reduced density of homes per floor improves airflow throughout each apartment.

Premium Feel and Exclusivity

A 2 apartment per floor configuration conveys a feeling of exclusivity. It signals to homebuyers that they are purchasing a larger & a more exclusive property compared to dense layouts. This exclusivity increases the perceived value of these apartments.

Low Noise Levels

With fewer neighbors in close proximity on each floor, there is less transmission of noise from one apartment to another. This ensures a much more peaceful and quiet living environment without disturbances from hard flooring, music, parties etc. in adjacent homes.

Safety and Security

A less dense building design means fewer access points, making monitoring and securing the premises easier. Fire safety also improves significantly as fire can be contained to just 1-2 apartments in case of any mishap compared to whole floors.

Resale and Rental Value

The premium feel and specifications translate to higher resale and rental yields over time. As the configuration becomes rarer, the capital appreciation and tenant demand for such homes increases substantially.


In conclusion, while constructing 2 apartments per floor may involve slightly higher costs, the long-term benefits for homebuyers far outweigh the initial investment.

This layout continues to gain popularity due to its livability, sense of spaciousness, and exclusivity. Limiting apartments to lesser units, such as 2 units per floor, achieves a harmonious balance, providing people with the privacy, comfort, and community they desire in their living spaces.

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