ATS Triumph is the right choice for individuals seeking an apartment in a high-rise building for immediate occupancy, along with modern architecture and all essential amenities for themselves and their loved ones. The popularity of ready-to-move-in apartments grew in the last few years, especially post-COVID, when companies modified their remote work policies and asked their… Read More Benefits of Buying a Ready-to-Move-in ATS Triumph Property

Bringing family, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and/or colleagues together to celebrate special occasions and festivals evokes happy emotions like love, admiration, excitement, happy tears, pride, amusement, interest, and more, all of which are essential to living a quality life. Get-togethers are important to connect and make memories. Indian culture is vast; therefore, there are many social,… Read More Banquet hall in ATS Destinaire and its purpose

India today is a global economic powerhouse, all thanks to the determined and focused approach of the government and its people. India is a different story altogether compared to a decade ago, owing to its strengthened manufacturing capability and capacity, digitization, and export orientation. The country quickly recovered from the pandemic blow and became the… Read More How is Gurugram real estate a safe investment option for NRIs?

People today see success in an upgraded standard of living. As corporate workers take one step up on the corporate ladder, they expect a bigger car, an expensive smartphone, dine-outs at fancier restaurants, and frequent holidays abroad. These pleasures of life are often momentary and short-lived, as we crave more after achieving every new milestone.… Read More ATS Destinaire Greater Noida: A lifestyle complemented with sophisticated amenities

Greater Noida, situated in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, is a well-planned city with world-class infrastructure. It has rapidly become a sought-after place for living, appealing enough for nuclear families, single-parent families, and extended families. The reasons behind the city’s popularity among new homebuyers and those who want to relocate to a… Read More Greater Noida Living: A complete guide to accommodation, healthcare, education & lifestyle 

Who doesn’t like to invest in a residential property that is ready for occupancy? Anyone with sufficient funds for a down payment would naturally prefer to close the deal quickly. This is where the convenience of ready-to-move-in residential apartments takes center stage. Once you have decided to buy a ready-to-move-in property, the next question is… Read More Invest in Ready-To-Move-In Residential Property in Gurugram


Rent vs Buy: What to Expect in 2024 By: WireDus, January 31, 2024

The surge in rental prices in major Indian cities has reignited the debate over ‘buying or renting’ a home. Individuals residing in urban cities and renting homes often wonder if it’s better to buy or keep exploring rented homes. People have different opinions on buying or renting homes, and this debate has become more intense… Read More Rent vs Buy: What to Expect in 2024

The Indian real estate sector stands out as a highly esteemed sector worldwide, encompassing residential, retail, hospitality, industrial, and commercial properties. Residential real estate comprises properties designed for people and their families to live in, ranging from single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Residential real estate in India Indian residential real estate saw higher highs in… Read More Revealing Trends and Projections: A Comprehensive Overview of Residential Real Estate for 2023-2024

Discovering your ideal residential retreat is like finding the perfect harmony for your ultimate escape. Luxury home buyers and investors must initiate a strategic journey by following a series of essential steps. To align perfectly with their desires, individuals are encouraged to define their goals, conduct thorough research, consider the location and environment, evaluate breathtaking… Read More Designing dreams: ATS Picturesque Reprieves is crafting your ideal residential retreat