Leading an active lifestyle is the secret to enjoying life to the fullest. From an invigorating morning run to a fun game of friendly football after work, being active offers immense benefits for physical and mental health. And cultivating an active lifestyle amid a lush carpet of greens? Well, that’s just icing on the cake. … Read More Being a good ‘sport’ – ATS Residences in Noida’s Sports City

For a long time, the most common configuration in Indian residential buildings has been 3 or more apartments per floor. However, in recent years, some developers have started constructing buildings with only 2 apartments per floor. This is because having too many apartments crammed into a single floor may adversely impact the quality of life… Read More Why More Than 2 Apartments Per Floor Is Too Many?

In the bustling city of Noida, where urbanization is rapidly transforming the landscape, the concept of low density residences has emerged as a beacon of tranquility and sustainable living.  At ATS, we understand the numerous advantages that low density residences offer.  From providing respite from the crowded and chaotic city life to providing the residents… Read More Why Choose Low-Density Residences in Noida

Ever wondered what it would feel like to consciously live healthier & make better lifestyle choices?   At ATS Infrastructure, we aim to provide real estate beyond just bricks & mortar. We understand that the home you live in plays a crucial role in your wellbeing and happiness. Our projects are a reflection of our… Read More Wellness Residences by ATS Kingston Heath: Find Your Own Nirvana

At ATS Infrastructure, we strongly believe in & support sustainable development. We understand the various environmental challenges posed by aggressive real estate development, especially across suburban areas. And so, we are doing our best to enable, empower, & promote sustainable development, that helps balance the need for modern, luxurious living with the growing demand for… Read More Miyawaki Forest Technique How ATS Destinaire Is Changing the Face of Sustainable Living in Noida

“Change is the only constant in life”, these lines by Heraclitus tell us about the nature of life and how it operates, i.e., by constantly evolving. With an incessant change in our lifestyle, real estate developers are focussing more on intricacies like architecture, design, interiors and so on. Gone are the days when people use… Read More Contemporary Designs/ flexibility within interiors

A decade or two ago, people used to think of wallpapers, colour combinations, decorative pieces, furniture and what not, when it came to interior designing. Flooring was never the concern of the homeowners, as it would be the most durable and resilient part of the house that they’d probably never change. But fortunately, as the… Read More Statement floors: Coming years will be about statement floors